Welcome To Oak Housing Group


Each client is matched with a suitable property according to the family composition. You will be sent a list of properties for you to choose from and subject to availability, this will begin the process of a successful relocation.

Upon selection of property, a booking form will be sent out to the respective council/organisation to complete with relevant details of the selected property and an allocated date for the clients to be relocated.


On the day of relocation, we will be in full contact with the clients throughout their journey to their new home. We will be also be liaising with the removals team to ensure our clients and their belongings reach their destination safely.

Once at the property, they will be met by one of our representatives who will help settle them in, provide a hot meal, a large food parcel, a welcome pack and give them a guided tour of the local amenities.


Once settled into the new property and surroundings, the clients will be fully supported with Benefit forms, School admissions forms, GP/Dentist registrations, Grant/Funding eligibility forms, Further education courses, Job seeking events, and Community integration schemes to ensure a smooth and carefree transition into their new lives.

We aim to ensure all our clients are put in a position where they can lead independent and productive lives for them and their families.